Butterflies in the city 2.0

I have previously created a few different installations with the robotic butterflies. Most of them intended for decorative purposes; as an artwork that sits quietly in a room and surprises you once you notice it.. moving.

This is Butterflies 2.0,¬†yet another experiment with the robotic butterflies. Most of the settings created for my previous installations have had some sort of relation to my personality- like the ones at Babycastles were installed in a quiet corner of the gallery and didn’t seek attention unless a person happened to see it (you know, the shy types).

This time I wanted to experiment with setting the butterflies in my environment- the city. I moved from a green town to a concrete jungle of the city when I was in high school. I changed a lot. Wouldn’t the butterflies have to too? How would the butterflies adapt to their new surroundings? Let’s see..

Graffiti butterflies
Graffiti butterflies