Will you play with me?

Published: 2015

Made using: Arduino, DC motors, MakerBot, Vectorworks, Leap Motion

[A work in progress]

Will you play with me? is continuation of my series of butterfly installations. It’s an installation of interactive robotic butterflies that socialize the way I usually do. Will you play with them? Will they play with YOU?

A simple, cause and effect, playful piece of art that feels magical..


I am a huge fan of interactions that span beyond the 2D world of screens. I get inspired by the reactions I see when people look at the physical objects move; they are filled with so much enthusiasm!

I first made the butterfly installation as part of a class project, and since then have improved the design and functionality of the butterflies. I got strangely attached to the butterflies; maybe ’cause I miss seeing real ones? So, I made them my spirit animal and decided to portray my introvert self through them. You could also think of it as experimenting with the expressive ability of non-anthropomorphic robots.

The butterflies in the latest version are 3D printed and are modular. They are very easy to assemble and disassemble and also pretty strong:

These are some other installations of the butterflies:

  • Butterflies in the city: I moved to the concrete jungle of a city when I was in high school. I changed a lot. Won’t the butterflies have to too?

[Click on the pictures to see the gif]

  • Installation 2.0: The butterflies were at the Babycastles NYC Gallery for a week! They enjoyed dancing to Chiptunes too (@PulseWave NYC event)

You can find documentation of the original butterfly project on my blog here