tEch maG!c

Published: Nov 2018

Last Christmas I visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal, Orlando and was blown away by the detailed replication of their real counterparts in Europe, and also, the magic created by muggles. I purchased one of these ‘interactive’/ muggle magic wands that made stuff happen on strategic spots throughout the park, and though it felt like going back to the basics of wandlore, it was a really neat setup! The funny tip of this wand is actually an IR reflector and the magical spots around the park had an IR transceiver system capable of tracking the wand using these reflectors. Now, being the tech nerd that I am, I decided to create some of my own magic using this wand.

Hardware: Kinect for Windows, Philips Hue lights, a few Simblees, several dc & hobby servo motors

Software platforms/ APIs: C++ in VS2015, OpenCV, Philips Hue API, Spotify API, Arduino

Want to build it yourself? Read about my build process on Instructables: