Thank you for visiting this page. I am currently seeking opportunities in the fields of creative technology and electrical engineering.

I am looking for opportunities where I can contribute to the development of meaningful content and products. I love building things that solve real world problems and also the ones that bring joy to people’s lives. I have a strong technical background which I like to utilize in my creative practices and these creative projects help me think of ways of implementing technology in innovative manner. I have vast experience designing electrical circuits, coding for embedded systems and developing for IOT platforms with various wireless devices (bluetooth, WiFi, cellular-4G/LTE) and sensor-based systems. At the same time, I am well versed on creative tools used for data visualization, creative coding and sound & image processing like Max/MSP, Processing & OpenFrameworks which I have been successfully integrating with my technical work for efficient project development.

You can check my creative tech work here.

And here’s my resume for your perusal [Click here to open in new window]

Have a nice day!