CNC’ed frame

Published: Mar 2013

Software used: MasterCAM x5, Illustrator, CNC Techno Router

Materials: Cherry and MDF woods

I made this frame for a project by LUMI, Inc. The task was to make an interior art piece that reflected traditional Indian Art.

The design of twists is a type of Rangoli called “Sikku Kolam”. Traditionally, Indian (specifically Hindu) women drew various kinds of Rangolis in their front yard every morning as a welcoming gesture to the deities and guests. In fact, many still do. Next, the paisley is a common design element in various artworks prominently related to girls and women- in Henna design, on clothes, and again, in Rangoli too.

The design was made in illustrator (has a some hand-drawn design) and then exported as .dxf to be used in MasterCam where the toolpaths and speeds are set. It is quite tricky to mill the sharp corners in this design. This job used a 1/4 inch router bit and different, non-linear toolpaths to ‘pocket out’ the sections that have intricate design. Then used a 1/2 inch bit to follow a linear toolpath in the remaining sections and then, to cut the frame out.